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Popular Christmas Gift Ideas For 2019

Need some inspiration for gift ideas this Christmas? Want to know what's hot and trending this season?

Below are our 'Top 5' collectibles that made the final cut.
  1. Circular Etched Golden Gramophone

    This is a stunning replica Gramophone that comprises of a circular shaped wooden base with embossed floral pattern with a spin table and needle that plays the flat vinyl record and a matching etched brass silver horn that projects the sound. 
    This is a wonderful working piece of musical memorabilia, even if it's mainly an ornamental product. 

  2. Maximus' Gladiator Helmet

    This replica helmet as depicted in the 2000 feature film “Gladiator”. 
    It is made of smoothly finished sheet metal with linen padding for wearer’s comfort. Not only perfect for re-enactments or costume parties but it also comes with a free wooden display stand, which means it  can also be used as a decorative trophy piece or a mounted collectors item.

  3. Desk Bell in Antique Finish With Floral Design

    This solid brass counter bell is a beautiful & functional little thing.
    The desk bell comes in antique brass finish with a floral design and is both functional and attractive! This front desk bell makes a loud clear 'ding' call for service.

  4. Stanley London Drum Compass

    This compass is the perfect centrepiece & slice of history to finish off any room in your house or office space. It's an incredibly popular corporate gift or the perfect addition to your eclectic collection.

  5. Stretch Victorian Marine Telescope

    Conjure feelings of a Pirate looking for hidden treasure when you use this little beauty.
    A classic explorers aid. It's made with brass tubes and clear lenses, it was used to see in to far off distances from the deck of ships and can now be the perfect tool for easter egg hunts with the young-ins in the backyard.