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A Little Bit About Us

'The Best Handy Crafts' is an online store which was started in a suburban home in Melbourne by me AJ, to source the best vintage reproductions or antique replica handicrafts, collectibles, home decor and art products for my customers from all over the globe.

I've always been fascinated by artworks that I can hold and examine. There is something inherently beautiful about each and every item I find, each with its own special features. Every single one of them communicates a story about itself or an idea its maker had which pushed them to produce this item. Each one is unique and a masterpiece in it's own right.

It started as a hobby with me exploring 'bric-a-brac' stores and antique & second hand shops around Melbourne and country Victoria. Unfortunately genuine antique items are very pricey most of the time. But their replicas and reproductions are usually almost identical and always a fraction of the price.

I hope to share my passion with you and hope that you too get to see and own this piece of story for yourself. I bring together an interesting and quirky source of handicraft items from cottage industries & independent artisans from across the globe for people like yourselves who are looking for something different  & creative. I also try my best to give a personal direct-to-customer shopping experience.

Please join me in this exciting adventure. Happy exploring!

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