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Pickelhaube Helmet - It's origins & history

Posted by Adam Jolan on

Curious to know the origins of the iconinc 19th century helmet known as the "Pickelhaube"? We've found the below two articles from Wikipedia that do a decent job of explaining the origins and history of it.

"The Pickelhaube is still part of the parade/ceremonial uniform of the Life Guards of Sweden, the National Republican Guard (GNR) of Portugal, the military academies of Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, the Military College of Bolivia, the Army Central Band and Army School Bands of Chile, the Chilean Army's 1st Cavalry and 1st Artillery Regiments, and the Presidential Guard Battalion and National Police of Colombia."

"The distinctive spiked helmet, the so-called Pickelhaube, although it had existed previously, and not only in the German Empire, was symbolic for the Wilhelmine period, for the Imperial Army, and German militarism in general"

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